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Integrate regulatory requirements and innovations into your roadmaps

The payment services ecosystem is subject to numerous regulatory changes and new standards. You don't have a team available to analyse the multiple sources? Our teams are here to help you anticipate future developments and transform them into value drivers for your business.
Our tailor-made support

About twenty consultants at your service

We permanently mobilise a team of 20 consultants.
Each Oaklen consultant is experienced in a preferred payment domain, in order to identify, analyse and report back to you on current opportunities, trends and key regulatory requirements.

Sectoral watch on means of payment

To help you anticipate your obligations and identify opportunities for new services, we monitor over 80 specialised sources in France, Europe and worldwide.

Visa & Mastercard regulatory watch

Every month, our experts analyse all the documentation of the international payment networks Visa and Mastercard for you, to help you anticipate the impact of the new regulatory obligations on your projects. Quite simply.

Summary presentation meeting

We regularly organise meetings for our clients who make the summary of our monitoring available.

Why trust us?

A wide range of normative documents that require a real in-depth analysis
A deciphering that highlights the trends that emerge from the content and texts analysed
The ability to see developments over several years (e.g. acceleration, status quo, etc.)
A detailed knowledge of current topics and trends, a decisive asset for imagining the trends of tomorrow
The strength of our Sectoral Watch lies in the variety of viewpoints and centres of expertise of our consultants who contribute to the source documents.
Thierry Leblond
Head of Payment Advisory | Oaklen Consulting
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Evolutions in the payment ecosystem: how to anticipate them best?

Identification of the key developments in the means of payment ecosystem to be taken into account over the next 24 to 36 months, both in terms of distribution and production of means of payment.
Analysis of over 80 specialised sources in France, Europe and the world
Selection of publications to be analysed and definition of the editorial line
Writing of summary sheets
Validation of the sheets and writing of the quarterly summary
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Regulatory obligations of payment networks: how to be ahead of the game?

Provision of prioritised and comprehensive information on all developments in card scheme regulations, and in particular those that may lead to customer blockages or financial penalties for non-compliance.
Analysis of the regulatory documentation produced by the Visa and Mastercard schemes
Identification of activities to involve
Documentation of regulatory impacts
Maintaining an implementation schedule
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By delegating to us the analysis of the documents published each month by the international card schemes, our clients are assured of identifying the completeness of the regulatory developments with which they must comply, and in particular the obligations that carry a risk of financial penalties.
Adrien Sfeir
Partner | Oaklen Consulting

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