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Driven by technology in a promising regulatory framework, innovative solutions are optimising and securing the digital customer journey around a payment in full revolution. Our experts will help you decrypt all the assets and impacts. Quite simply.
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Expertise in the payment challenges of tomorrow

Our experts will help you measure the advantages and anticipate the technical, safety and regulatory constraints.
They support you in the implementation of innovative technologies and solutions inherent to the enrolment, authentication and payment processes that are part of your digital transformation projects.


Seek a sharp outside eye to understand the technologies that are transforming payment.


Evaluate the relevance and impact of digital payment instruments: cards, A2A, crypto-assets.


Analyse the relevance of innovative solutions that best meet the ambitions of your projects.


Challenge your understanding of market trends to optimise and secure routes.

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In-depth exploration of complex topics. Ability to analyse, advise and support you
Cross-disciplinary expertise, independence, neutrality, adaptability and agility
An operating mode that allows us to mobilise on all aspects of innovation
A simple and efficient organisation, which facilitates exchange on the innovative trends of the moment
In our sector, innovation is the ability to project into the future expectations of customers. An acute knowledge of the market is essential to stand out from the competition and offer the added value that will make the difference.
Guillaume de Brito
Innovation Practice Leader | Oaklen Consulting
/ Success Story

Offer a seamless customer journey combining NFC payment and loyalty

Supporting a major retailer in its desire to be the first in Europe to offer a unified path based on the most widely adopted wallet in France.
Identification of impacts on the entire payment value chain
Comprehensive definition of changes to the existing infrastructure
Synchronisation of roll-outs and management of field complexities
Awareness-raising and change management for the core businesses
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Innovation keeps the payment industry alive and kicking. Our mission is to inform, advise, guide and support our clients in reading market trends and understanding and assimilating the challenges of tomorrow.
Alexandre Martin
Innovation Practice Leader | Oaklen Consulting

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