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Payment systems are innovating rapidly and more and more hackers are taking advantage of this. It is now crucial to be able to prevent, detect and anticipate these attacks. Our experts will guide you to meet your regulatory and security challenges and transform them into value drivers.
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The payment industry is innovating, challenging players (PSPs, merchants and institutions) to fight fraud and cyber attacks.
Risk management is crucial and often seen as a technology and regulatory challenge. Knowing the challenges of our industry and the complexity of security has become essential. And we are here to guide you though.

Governance, risk & compliance

Cyber resilience should be at the heart of your business risk protection strategy.

Infrastructure protection

Designing, configuring and operating security architectures requires proven expertise.

Choice of your partnerships

Balancing the level of technical and financial dependence with your partners limits compromises.

Resilience plan

Preventing attacks by assessing the real risks through actions appropriate to your ISMS.

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Putting people, intelligence and expertise at the heart of your security strategy: pillars of risk management
Understanding your payment journey to optimise risk management and balance asset and business protection
Proposing controls to maintain security standards, in order to gain the trust of your partners and customers
Building security with your teams with an approach and measures adapted to your problems and your context.
"Understanding your business, your challenges and putting forward the technical knowledge of our experts in order to establish a relationship of trust through a personalised approach and the realisation, with you, of the payment security of tomorrow."
Coralie Chevallier
Cybersecurity Practice Leader | Oaklen Consulting
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PCI DSS, the dual challenge of achieving and maintaining certification

Obtaining PCI DSS, as a processor on behalf of VISA, is a strategic and commercial issue. Maintaining this certification is an organisational issue.
Define and manage post-audit action plans
Establish PCI DSS compliant governance in operational condition.
Take into account all technical and regulatory requirements, in particular the RGPD, the Group's policies and the LPM (Military Planning Law)
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"Our passion is not only working with your teams to secure your IS. It's also about educating and training your teams to ensure end-to-end cyber resilience. "
Paulo Fernandes
Manager | Oaklen Consulting

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