Transformation of organisations

Optimise your human capital and operational efficiency

Organisations rarely make the best use of their most important resource: their skills pool. Rely on our support, adapted to the major issues of the payments ecosystem, to help you meet this challenge.
Our tailor-made support

Hybridization of our experience with Payment and People Management requirements

Based on the understanding of your environment: frame of reference and context (change, competitive pressure, deteriorated social climate, etc.), we listen to your problems in order to co-construct a new story with you: values, ambition, missions, governance, organisation and collective dynamics.

Building a company vision

Rethinking the vision of your company, anchored on its strengths, giving meaning to change and taking into account its environment.


Defining the target and the trajectory in co-construction with the management and accompanying the change.

Supporting the management

Instilling in your experts in a management position the leadership that will enable them to deploy the full power of their team.

Team dynamics

Involving your team in defining its own ambition and operating methods, in line with the company's vision.

Why trust us?

A fresh and neutral external view, able to reinvent a new dynamic with you
A result-oriented approach while maintaining the necessary pace of change
An approach designed for you based on listening and empathy
Using the power of emotional intelligence tools
"To provide you with a viewpoint that uses different prisms: steering of major programmes, management of employees, coaching practice. This allows us to activate different levers in awareness: strength of proposal, challenge, support."
Laure Lapeyronnie
Partner | Oaklen Consulting
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How to optimise synergies between subsidiaries for greater efficiency?

Accompaniment of a large luxury group in the revision of its governance and its collaborative modes to better exploit the power of the Group, through the following major axes:
Preparation with the conduct of numerous interviews and discussion circles
Facilitation of a seminar
Coaching & leadership techniques for collective intelligence
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"I like the idea that fulfilment, well-being at work and operational efficiency go hand in hand. In order to bridge these objectives and to serve everyone, we all bring together our experience and tools acquired over more than 20 years."
Laure Lapeyronnie
Partner | Oaklen Consulting

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